"Is it the right time to prune my tree?"


Generally, most tree species won't display any adverse effect when pruned at any time of year. However, there are exceptions. We'd be happy to discuss any species specific query with you...



"Can I prune back my neighbour's tree?"


Technically, yes. You can prune the overhang back to the boundary, but we strongly advise that you inform your neighbour of your intentions to avoid any hostility.




"Do I need permission from the council to cut my tree?"


Even though you own the tree, it may well be subject to a tree preservation order, or be located in a consevation area. Doing any work on a protected tree carries extremely heavy penalties. We can organise all the necessary permission as part of the service, so you have one less thing to worry about.



"My neighbour has complained about my tree, what should I do?"


You have a legal duty of care to keep your trees from causing harm or nuisance to the public or your neighbours. It is advisable to have them regularly inspected by a professional arborist to fulfil this duty. This aside, as long as your neighbour's request is not unreasonable it might be prudent to consider appropriate tree work.



"There is a fungus or mushroom growing from my tree, is my tree going to die?"


Not all fungi are detrimental to tree health. Please contact us for expert advice


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