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North London Tree Surgery

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Crown Reductions and Thinning

Trees in the city frequently outgrow their surroundings and it becomes necessary to maintain them. A crown reduction can alleviate the presence of a dominant tree, and remove unwanted weight from branch tips whilst keeping the natural shape and form intact. Trees with dense foliage are more susceptible to wind throw. Selectively pruning internal growth ensures greater passage of air through the crown, dramatically reducing overbearing forces on the tree. Thinning will also promote a much higher light intensity in the immediate surroundings.


Tree Felling & Stump Removal

Unfortunately trees can become ill, or so big that they become a danger or nuisance to us and our homes. Removing a tree in a confined space requires a lot of skill and precision, and must be undertaken by a trained expert. At Clear Cut Trees, we have all the latest equipment and know-how to make sure this is done in the safest possible way.


Hedges & Topiary

Everyone can appreciate a nicely clipped hedge! Gardeners are restricted to work at specific heights, but as tree surgeons we can trim and shape ANY size hedge!

Our work also includes hedge propagation and training (pleaching, espalier etc.)


Garden & Grounds Maintenance

We can also offer a comprehensive gardening and grounds management service, keeping all trees on a regular maintenance scheme, as well as including soft landscaping, lawns and planting.  


Consultancy & Inspections

It can be a bit daunting trying to decide what's best for the trees you own, especially when you spot something you don't recognise, such as a fungus or insect which could potentially compromise the structural integrity of your tree. We have a wealth of knowledge regarding tree health, and can provide sound advice to put your mind at rest.


All work is carried out to an exceptional standard by our fully trained and experienced staff, with Health & Safety and all current British Standard legislation (BS3998/BS5837) at the forefront of our operations.

We provide a comprehensive range of arboricultural services which include the following:


All waste recycled responsibly